Sponsor A Child’s Education

Welcome to our sponsorship page. The children below are Thai and Burmese students that need your help to come to school! You will be sharing your sponsorship with 9 other people and each of you will be putting $24.40 a month towards one student.

Where Specifically Does Your Money Go?

Your sponsorship will help to cover the costs of having the child at the school:

  • Educational Resources
  • Teacher Wages
  • School Utillity Bills / Rent
  • One Off Medical Costs (When needed)
  • Snacks x 2 and Hot Lunch x 1 per school day

If money is leftover from your sponsorship, it is rolled over into the rest of the school and goes towards the entire school community and its need.

Receive Updates!

As a sponsor you will receive:

  • School Progress Reports
  • Pictures
  • Email Updates

You can also organise coming to meet your student and see them at the school in person (this requires passing a security check, as do volunteers).

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Burmese Children Going Onto The Waitlist For A New Program

Our New English/Burmese Program for ages 3-5 years of age is up and running successfully. The children on this list have just started school or have been attending the school. The new program includes 4 key focus points –

  1. Early Childhood Development
  2. Conversational English & Phonics
  3. Burmese Language & Character Recognition
  4. Numeracy Basics

We are pleased to announce we have hired our first Burmese teacher, after many years of searching! This is a very exciting prospect for children living on Koh Tao from Myanmar. This means they can stay in the school longer and they will have a smoother transition back into schools in Myanmar when they reach high school.

The children in this program are being prepared for primary school. We are aiming at having 25 children in this group, with your help!

Your gift of sponsorship WILL have a huge impact on the lives of these children. As one father said to me…

“When I took my daughter to look at school in our village, the toilet had no door, no water and everything was dirty. We have no insurance or money for doctors. If my child gets sick there is nothing that can be done.” – Kyaw

Choosing between keeping your child safe and educating them is a really tough choice, one that no parent should have to make.

Kyar Nyo (Je Je)

Birthday – December 18, 2010


Birthday – October 30, 2014

Po Po

Birthday – November 12, 2014

Lynn Htet Aow

Birthday – September 16, 2015

Ye Myat (Janu)

Birthday – March 08, 2012


Birthday – 26 November 2016


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Young Young

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Ko Ko

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Aung Thu

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Myat Thu

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Birthday – August 04, 2013


Birthday – November 15, 2013

Swe Ta

Birthday – October 13, 2016

Chu Yati (Su)

Birthday – January 04, 2016


Birthday – July 20, 2014