Welcome to Koh Tao International Primary

Welcome to koh tao

Our school is very special. It started on the balcony of a house and has slowly grown into several buildings spread out around a little neighbourhood called Jitsin. We are a not for profit school founded by Actress Eliza Taylor and her best friend Claire Wyndham on the Island of Koh Tao in the South of Thailand.

This school is a labor of love. We believe that all children deserve not just an education, but a good education. The island of Koh Tao is home to expat families from all over the World, but it is also home to local Thai children and a large population of migrant children from Myanmar. These children need to be educated and if it is done well, we can break the poverty cycle for their families. Koh Tao International Primary is a mixture of cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds and they are all getting an equal education.

Help us educate these beautiful children and provide them with the opportunity to be good learners in school and in life!


Our children are Thai and Burmese students that need your help to come to school! You will be sharing your sponsorship with 9 other people and each of you will be putting $24.40 a month towards one student.


Koh Tao International Primary relies on international donations to keep running. Your donation, no matter how big or small will make a HUGE difference to the children and the school. Let’s start donate today!


Looking for a good volunteer opportunity to make a different? Koh Tao International Primary takes volunteers all year round. Let’s make a different and start apply to be a volunteer through Workaway today!

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Goods Donations

Donating supplies from our Amazon wishlist. Alternatively, you can also donate your used electronics such as computers, laptops, mobile, tablets, and your used children’s book (age 1 – 12 years).

You can make a DIFFERENCE

Sponsor a child’s Education Today

Paung Paung (Pow Pow)

Birthday – May 10, 2015

Lynn Htet Aow

Birthday – September 16, 2015

Paing Paing

Birthday – March 28, 2013

Koh Tao childcare tourist info

We started a not for profit international school, “Koh Tao International Primary“, and invested in my friend’s Kindergarten / Daycare operation to help sustain the school and needs of the community. The next natural step was to promote the fact that we had a Koh Tao childcare facility for tourists to help fund the not for profit school and support the daycare.

About Me

Koh Tao Daycare for Tourists & Koh Tao International Primary is a not for profit school for local Thai and Burmese children living on the island of Koh Tao in Thailand. For bookings please phone: +66 954270414
Contact me: info@kohtaoforkids.com


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