Koh Tao Clinics & Emergency Services

A list of Koh Tao clinics and Doctors I personally recommend as a mother…

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Koh Tao Hospital

Koh Tao has just opened its first hospital. Staffed with fully qualified doctors and nurses they are open 24hours, have an ambulance and are even equipped to deliver babies. They are soon to open their dental clinic inside the hospital and I must admit, as a local it is a big relief to finally have a hospital equipped to deal with emergencies.


This is a well known 24 hour emergency clinic in Sairee (Just up the Road from Rose Pharmacy and Windbeach Resort). The Doctor is a Paediatrician and General Practitioner, so this is one of the better Koh Tao clinics for families to use. The doctor lives in the clinic and is there most of the day and night. He has great English and I use him for medical issues that are not life threatening. Dr Chasit doesn’t like to give small babies intravenous lines. If the doctor feels IV is needed, he will happily send you straight to the Koh Tao Government Clinic in Maehaad, where they have skilled nurses and doctors who do this all the time. The doctor stocks a good range of medications that can be hard to find on the island too, so it is worth a visit if you are having trouble finding a particular medication. Doctor Chasit has treated my children and other children I know for pneumonia, cuts, stitches, flu, nappy rash, fungal infections, ear infections, stomach flu, food poisoning, insect bites, dehydration/sunstroke and other common illnesses.

The Thai Government Clinic

This clinic is great for serious illness or accidents. The doctors at the Thai Government Clinic are all very professional and have great English. They also have a good relationship with the other clinics on the island. This is one of the only Koh Tao clinics I recommend taking young children and babies to for dehydration, major accidents, serious illness and overnight stays. They have several beds, nurses and a pharmacy. It is setup like a small hospital, although it doesn’t have all the resources. They can test blood there and have a good relationship with mainland and Samui hospitals. I have used this clinic for IV treatment on my daughter for dehydration when she was under a year old. I have also used this clinic when my entire family contracted Community Acquired Pneumonia. The clinic treated us regularly and we didn’t need to go to a mainland hospital. I highly recommend this clinic.

Office Hours : 08:00 – 16:30 on Mon – Fri and 08:30 – 12:00 on Sat – Sun
Tel : 077 456 490

The Thai Inter Clinic

This clinic can be found on the down road in Maehaad, just near Oli’s Bike Rentals. The Thai Inter Clinic is a great emergency and general medical clinic for adults, but for children with a suspected bone break or pneumonia it is ideal . The doctors are well educated and speak great English. They also have the only x-ray machine on the island along with 3 or 4 beds for overnight stays. The clinic works closely with the Thai Government Clinic and although it is smaller, you can often see local Thai and expatriate people using it in emergencies, including motorbike accidents.

Sawassdee Clinic

This great little clinic is in Chalok (next door to 7 Eleven in Chalok) and is an excellent clinic run by Yupawadee Naktae, who is a registered nurse. The clinic is open from 10am until late. Yupawadee has great instincts and I usually go to her first for basic medical care with my kids. She performs thorough investigations, has great contacts on the mainland, can get blood tests done and can order in medications. I highly recommend this clinic to families seeking basic medical care and conditions.

A note for Asthma sufferers– All Koh Tao clinics have nebulizers for all ages and medications.

Important Phone Numbers to Know in an Emergency

Koh Tao Rescue (Ambulance Service)

Koh Tao has its own ambulance service called ‘Koh Tao Rescue’. They have a speedboat and emergency vehicle. Evacuations can take place over the water and then be met by ambulance on Koh Samui or the mainland.

Koh Tao Rescue Phone: 087-979-0191

Koh Tao Police Phone: 077-456-098

Tourist Police

The Koh Tao Tourist Police is a government organisation responsible for providing personal safety, security and other services for tourists while staying on Koh Tao. The office, located in the Ko Tao Centre, is open 24 hours. CLICK HERE FOR MAP

Tel : 1155

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