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A Little About Me…

My name is Claire Wyndham, I live on the island of Koh Tao with my husband and 2 children. My daughter is 4 and my son is 12! We love it here. We love it so much that instead of visiting once a year for a holiday, we decided to move over!

Once we were settled in, the need for a proper school on the island became obvious. Our search for a solution led us to creating a not for profit international school, “Koh Tao International Primary“, by buying a curriculum and hiring great teachers. The next natural step was to promote the fact that we had a Koh Tao childcare facility for tourists to help fund the not for profit school and support the daycare.

As you would expect, I have become somewhat of an expert at being on Koh Tao with children. Most importantly though, I am trying to enhance the experience of Koh Tao childcare, so that tourist children can go home having had some true Thai cultural experiences and a greater understanding of how other children live and learn depending on their opportunities.

What Koh Tao Tourist Families Need To Know

I understand there is a lot you want to know about bringing your family to Koh Tao. The most common questions I receive from parents are about safety, entertainment and Koh Tao childcare options. This island is a great holiday destination for families. If you know where to go, what to do and who to speak to you will have even more fun! The most important thing to be reassured of is of course that Koh Tao is a family friendly island, and Koh Tao childcare options are available! We have facilities that allow children to have a cultural experience while they are at the centre. Children can enjoy learning Thai greetings, how to count in Thai and traditional Thai dancing all within one Koh Tao childcare facility. Tourist children eat lunch and play with local Thai, Burmese and Expatriate children. The best part is, by using our facilities, you are helping another child to be educated!

Please read Info for Tourist Parents and learn all about bringing your family to Koh Tao. Go through the ‘What You Need To Know’ menu, I am slowly trying to cover everything over the coming months/years!

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Me and My Family On Koh Tao!