Online charity donation platforms

Follow, Friend, Like, Share… Donate?

Charity supporters genuinely wish to have a deeper understanding of their cause and the daily goings-on. Maybe they sponsor a child and want to know more about them or understand more about their world? Are you from a charity that doesn’t understand why social media is necessary for the organisation, or are you unsure what information supporters want to see?

contactless payment systems

Our new pandemic world order has changed the lives of vital volunteers that support causes worldwide. Volunteers used to run marathons, host events, knock on doors and sell products in the name of charity. Fundraising methods have had to change, and it can be very hard on dedicated supporters when they have the drive to help but don’t know how to.

Charities have a responsibility to communicate, connect and involve supporters as much as possible on social media. As a result, charities can expect to see supporters begin online fundraisers and campaigns. Supporters will follow, friend, like and share your content and stories if they are honest and real. Your following (your support) will increase with each share, and these new supporters will go looking for more information on how they can help your cause too.

cashless payment options

It is time for charities to get their online presence and systems in place. Online charity donation platforms are a charity’s best way of taking their cause into the digital age. This does not mean charities need to spend donor’s money on pretty graphic designs and unique websites. If your online presence through social media is consistent and honest, supporters only care about the functionality of your site. Donors want to quickly and conveniently choose donation payment options. They want to receive an email with a receipt, and they want to be able to easily share their support for the cause on social media as soon as they are finished.

online charity donation platforms

The best way to help your charity succeed online is to ask your supporters and donors what they need and want from you. What do they want to know? What payment options do they want? Communication and building genuine relationships and connections make the experience of charity full of purpose and fulfilment.

This article has been written to benefit charities that may not have discovered the benefits of using social media and online charity donation platforms. The quality of donor relations, accounting and reconciliation, are priceless, particularly for smaller charities that are time poor and short-staffed.