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Birthday – November 12, 2014

“Po Po” is 5 years old and she is small for her age, but very beautiful. She loves wearing traditional Burmese makeup and will sit patiently while her mother puts it on her. Thanks to your generosity, Po Po made it off the waitlist and joined our Burmese/English pre-school class in the summer of 2019. For about four months, she worked with her Burmese teacher and volunteers to strengthen her motor skills, language schools, and social skills. It was evident that Po Po loved learning and would often choose to sit with the volunteers to go over flashcards or her numbers instead of playing with legos or dolls. It did not surprise us that at the start of the school year in September 2019, she was ready to move up into the English Reception class.

Po Po still has a long way to go. While her comprehension is improving, her motor skills still need work. She has already benefited greatly from the program and truly loves being in school. Please help us continue to help this little girl’s education, by enhancing her education and everyday life.




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