Birthday –

Alice is 2 years old, she will be 3 very soon! Alice is a Thai baby that has been at the school since she was 1.5 yrs old. She comes from a loving family and has a brither and sister (Milin and Nab). Alice is tall for her age and is a bundle of energy. Alice loves school, she spends her days painting, learning to be gentle, singing, counting and learning her colours. She is now speaking English very well and her family were looking forward to her joining the primary school when she turns 4. COVID 19 has taken her parents businesses. They have no income and are unable to support the children's schooling. With your help, ALice won't have to miss out!

Aung Thu

Birthday –

I am old for my class, but this is the first time I have been in a school and I am learning from the bottom up. I love school and don't even notice the other children are younger than me.


Birthday – May 11, 2015

Day is an extremely smart, fun and loving little four year old boy. Day started our program in May 2019 and his communication in both Burmese and English is improving. He is now able to introduce himself, and say his numbers, colors and shapes in English. He has some great sentences he uses, although they only sometimes make sense!

Day has a loving family that work hard to support themselves and family both in Koh Tao and in Myanmar. Day has some sponsors, but he needs more. Please consider supporting this little boy’s future at the school, with your help we can get him all the way through Primary School.


Birthday –

This little one is new to the school and will be in need of sponsors to keep her in school with her new friends. Eidra is a shy little girl who is in need of a safe place to play, develop and grow during the day while her family works.

Ko Ko

Birthday –

I am a boisterous little boy that loves to play all day with his friends, even when he should be listening to the teacher! I am new to the school and I love going every morning. I have some catching up to do in my development, but there is no reason to believe I won't. I am strong and bright and full of energy!


Birthday –

Milin has been at the school since she was 6 years old. She is now 11! Milin is Thai and she has 2 other siblings (Alice and Nab). Milin is incredibly intelligent and shows a mountain of promise. SHe loves to cook, work in her parents shop and play on the beach. Since COVID 19 started, her family has lost all of their businesses and are now unable to support her and her siblings at school. With your help, they can all continue to learn.

Myat Thu

Birthday –

I am a very bright and loveable little boy that has my own mind and can be stubborn. I am excellent at puzzles and colouring in, but I struggle to stay still when I am supposed to be listening! My teachers love me, but like all the clever ones, I am a challenge!


Birthday –

Nab is a Thai student that is 9 years old. he has been at the school since he was 5 years old. Nab is a talented artist with 2 sisters (Milin and Alice). Nab is very clever and extremely artistic. He loves to draw as often as he can. His family have hit very hard times during COVID 19 and have lost their businesses. They are no longer to support Nab's schooling. You could help keep him at school!


Birthday –

This little guy just started at the school before COVID 19. He was just beginning to settle in and was learning English in the Burmese-English Transitional Program. He is bright and too old to be in this class, but he doesn't seem to mind at all. Can't wait for him to move into Reception!


Birthday –

Plang is a Thai schild that has been unable to attend school for sometime, due to COVID 19. Plang's parents have lost their income and are struggling to pay bills. Their little girl is desperate to go back to school and they have asked us to try and find sponsors for her. Could you help?


Birthday –

We know, his name is... unusual, but don't let that change the way his adorable face makes your heart explode! Polestar is a bright, busy and social little boy. He loves his best friend Swe Ta and they are absolute trouble together!


Birthday –

Sienna is 4 years old. Sienna is a Burmese/French child that has been at the school since she was a baby. She has been thriving in Foundation Class and was looking forward to Reception Class in the new year. Unfortunately, her single mother is unable to afford the school fees for Sienna at this time. COVID 19 has taken all of her income. Her mother needs help to cover school fees, with your help maybe she can!


Birthday – 26 November 2016

Snow is a new student and has just started in our Burmese-English Transitional Program. She is simply adorable to be around. She is only 3 years old and is very excited about coming to school. Her motor skills are lacking and she is learning to eat by herself, but she shows great promise!


Birthday –

Su's Mother tried to put her into the school last year, but it didn't work as they had to go back to Myanmar for few month for their passports and visa. Su was then blocked at the border because of her papers being incorrect and an expat managed to get her back just before borders closed because of COVID-19. This lucky little girl is starting school!

Young Young

Birthday –

New to the school, Young Young (Yun Yun) is just starting to settle into the school's English-Burmese Transition Program. She does not have sponsors yet and is in eager to stay at school and learn with her friends.


Birthday – October 30, 2014

Ameral is five years old. She started in the Burmese English class, and quickly moved up to Reception with other students her age. She is clever and likes to help other students with answers. But, she still misses a lot of days because her family is not able to bring her to school. We are working with other families to help drive her to and from school. Ameral and her family need your sponsorship so she can continue coming to school.


Birthday – July 20, 2014

Ami is six years old and lives with her family on Koh Tao. Ami is very behind in her education and is in the Burmese English program with the 3-4 year olds. The good news is that Ami is learning and improving every day. Her English communication and comprehensive skills need much work, but she is coming to school and doing her best. Students like Ami would never have a chance at going to school without your help, she needs you to help her and her family continue to support her ongoing education. Ami’s family do not make enough money to support their family and send their daughter to school.

Chu Yati (Su)

Birthday – January 04, 2016

Chu Yati (Su) is 4 years old and is now attending our specialised English, Burmese and Early Development Program. She needs sponsors to be able to continue. She is the apple of her parents eye, but both parents need to work to be able to make enough money to support themselves and their family back in Myanmar. With your help Su can continue learning with her friends!


Birthday – November 15, 2013

Kuku has been with the school for almost three years now and has made big progress. Her parents are both living with her on Koh Tao and were sending her back to Myanmar when we convinced them to keep her on the island and send her to the school. They couldn’t afford to have her in school and had no one to watch her while they worked. Kuku is thriving at the school and is now in Year 1!

Kyar Nyo (Je Je)

Birthday – December 18, 2010

“Je Je” is 9 years old and lives on Koh Tao with his sister, Ye Myat, and his Mummy. They are very poor as his mother is a single parent and is raising them alone. The siblings both need somewhere safe to be while their mother works to make money for the family. Je Je was already very behind on his education and was placed with the 3-4 year olds to experience foundation learning for the first time. He did well, and after four months, he was moved up to the Reception class with the 5-6 year olds. He is very intelligent and especially good with his math skills. We aim to try and catch him up to his age group and give him a good chance and getting proper schooling, but we need your help!

Lynn Htet Aow

Birthday – September 16, 2015

Lynn Htet is 4 years old and joined our Burmese & English program in May 2019, after receiving sponsorships. Lynn Htet is shy with new people, but once he warms ups, he is a ball of energy that doesn’t want to sit still. During the first nine months in school, he has learned to count to ten in English and is getting better with his colors. He is proud to show off his work to his teachers and volunteers.

Lynn Htet’s parents work hard, but Lynn Htet can’t live on Koh Tao unless he is at school. His parents need someone to watch him while they work and what better place than Koh Tao International Primary. With your help, Lynn Htet can be at school learning while his parents work and bring in money for the rest of the family.

Paing Paing

Birthday – March 28, 2013

Paing Paing is six years old. He joined the Burmese English program later in the summer that the other sponsored students. It was a hard adjustment for him, but his parents kept bringing him each day, and now he loves school. He is also very clever. He moved up to the Reception class with his new best friend, Je Je. Paing Paing is performing well in math and he is working hard on his English. We are proud of him for coming to school even though he was scared. His mother works very hard to send him to school, but still needs your help. Please sponsor Paing Paing!

Paung Paung (Pow Pow)

Birthday – May 10, 2015

Paung Paung, or Pow Pow as she prefers to be called, is 4 years old. She was able to start the Burmese English program in the summer of 2019. She knows very little English and has had no experiences outside of her small village. She is learning how to hold her pencil correctly, listen to her teachers, share, work in a group and school rules. Her family is very proud that she is in school. Please help Pow Pow continue her education at Koh Tao Primary School by sponsoring her today!

Po Po

Birthday – November 12, 2014

“Po Po” is 5 years old and she is small for her age, but very beautiful. She loves wearing traditional Burmese makeup and will sit patiently while her mother puts it on her. Thanks to your generosity, Po Po made it off the waitlist and joined our Burmese/English pre-school class in the summer of 2019. For about four months, she worked with her Burmese teacher and volunteers to strengthen her motor skills, language schools, and social skills. It was evident that Po Po loved learning and would often choose to sit with the volunteers to go over flashcards or her numbers instead of playing with legos or dolls. It did not surprise us that at the start of the school year in September 2019, she was ready to move up into the English Reception class.

Po Po still has a long way to go. While her comprehension is improving, her motor skills still need work. She has already benefited greatly from the program and truly loves being in school. Please help us continue to help this little girl’s education, by enhancing her education and everyday life.

Swe Ta

Birthday – October 13, 2016

Swe Ta is from Myanmar. His parents were offered to put him into the school so he didn’t have to be sent to Myanmar while they stayed on Koh Tao to work. Swe Ta is a wonderful little toddler. He comes from a loving home with two parents that work very hard. He has some allergy problems that cause him to have eczema all over his body, but he never complains and is very brave. Swe Ta loves to play with trucks and is at his best with a paintbrush in his hand. He is in the Reception class and is able to count, sing his letter sounds, and say the noises animals make. Please sponsor Swe Ta so that his parents do not have to send him back to Myanmar for schooling!


Birthday – August 04, 2013

Vincent is a six year old student at the school who has been attending since he was 2 years old. Vincent’s father had a major stroke, and a few minor strokes, and has suffered brain injury. His mother comes from a poor farming family in the south-east of Thailand. Vincent’s mother has to work 7 days a week from 5am to 11pm to support Vincent and his father. Vincent’s father has continued to have seizures and complications from the stroke. His complete condition is unknown as they don’t have the money for brain scans and although the island locals have tried to raise money to help them, they are still paying off many hospital costs that they incurred through two hospital stays. After respite care with Claire and her family, Vincent is now being cared for by his parents again thanks to some wonderful people in the Koh Tao community who are helping to look after his well being. We are thrilled to have him back with his parents and thanks to his sponsors, he is still at school and doing very well! Vincent is now in Year 1! We are very proud of him. Without your support this wouldn’t be possible, so a big THANK YOU to you all!

Ye Myat (Janu)

Birthday – Match 08, 2012

Ye Myat is 7 years old and living on Koh Tao with her brother Kyar Nyo (“Je Je”). Her mother is a single mum and has come to Koh Tao to find a better life for her children and to make money to support them. Ye Myat and her family would benefit highly from having somewhere safe for her to be while her mother works. Her entire family would also benefit from her having a solid education. Ye Mat, like her brother Je Je, was placed with the 3-4 year olds when she first started school. Now, she is in Reception with the 5-6 year olds, and continues to improve in all areas. She is able to count to 100, recognise letters sounds and speaks basic English! With your help and others you know, these siblings could take their family out of poverty together.