Chinese Tourist Children Love Learning on Koh Tao

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For the last year, more and more Chinese tourist families have been using the school during their family holidays on Koh Tao. They are excited to expose their children to English classes, but they are also intrigued by our unique curriculum and approach to learning. Chinese students have been embracing the IPC (International Primary Curriculum) and are choosing to spend their time at the school, even when given the option to do other things with their families!

Our latest students (featured in the pictures in this post) stayed on Koh Tao for a period of 2 weeks to 1 month and were aged 5 years old to 9 years old. One parent, Bob Zheng, was back for his second month at the school this year. He likes to have his daughter, Linda aged 5, at the school learning English while he dives on the island.

“I should thank you. Since I will be DMT I will come back again and take my kid. I will also share the great experience to the parents whose children are in the same school with my kid in China. I will recommend them to take their children to your school.” – Bob Zheng

The school time table allows for tourist children to be involved in many aspects of the curriculum, including our Pearson’s UK Phonics Bug, Wordsmith and ABACUS maths programs.

The IPC is a theme based curriculum, a far cry from the often rigid Chinese school curriculums. Children are immersed in themes that cover subjects like geography, science, art, history and international studies.

The students were embraced by their new classmates, making new friends, comparing their cultures, stories about their school lives and enjoying teaching each other about new things.

The best part about choosing to have your child attend the school as a visitor, is that the proceeds go towards funding our local Thai and Burmese student’s education. Koh Tao International Primary is a not for profit school, so every little bit counts!

If you are looking to have a fun filled holiday, while giving your children an amazing cultural learning experience, please take a look at our facebook page and discover more about what we get up to by clicking the link below.

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